Doctor Ozone


  • Multi-purpose Ozone Generator: This portable 400mg/h ozone machine can be used to clean air and water. Ozone can effectively remove odors, smoke odor, harmful gas, and there is no secondary pollution. Ozone water can be used to clean hands, skin, face, vegetables and fruits.
  • Large Ozone Output: This ozone generator is a portable and mini and lightweight unit, over 400mg/h Ozone production, allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere, suitable for Purifying air, water purifier disinfector, vegetable and fruit washing, bath, utensils, feeding bottle.Small & Portable.
  • Small & Portable: This ozone generator module is small, easy to install and convenient to carry out, home kitchen office using, even hunting, car, on vacation, travel, really anywhere you need to sanitize the air, water, dishes, food and more.
  • Ozone Generator with Timer: This water ozonizer has 5 levels adjustable from 5mins to 60mins, which are 5min,10min,15min, 30min,60min. You can set the purifying time that you need. This Maquina de ozono can choose 110v or 220v power supply you need.

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