Company History

In 1985, Water Doctor entered the field of water treatment equipment. R & D and introduction of patented technologies such as QCF, LES, QRO, UVF, NF in the purification and filtration category. Water treatment equipment has covered household pre-filtration, terminal water purification, central soft water, commercial, industrial and agricultural irrigation purification. Water Doctor has always focused on the business philosophy of “scientific environmental protection, people-oriented” to meet your needs.

In 2007, the Canadian Water Doctor Purification Technology Company was established in Toronto.

Water Doctor is a North American purification brand, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The main business involves water treatment, pre-filters, commercial purified water, industrial purification, agricultural irrigation, drinking water in schools and office locations. Since 1985, the three PhD founders Bob, John, Jimmy and the company’s senior manager William led the company into the field of water quality treatment. Registered trademark “Water Doctor” and named the product category “Water Doctor Water Purification”. After introducing pre-filtration, terminal water purification, central soft water, commercial, industrial and agricultural irrigation purification product categories, it has gradually integrated into an innovative purification system with its own characteristics.

The origin of the Water Doctor logo comes from the professional services of the three Ph.D. founders Bob, John ’s dedicated technology and Jimmy ’s outstanding scientific research, and the love of all colleagues in the company for their career.

The Bob, John, and Jimmy laboratories built in 1985.

Founded in 1987, Pure Water Quality Studio was established.

In 1990, , Water Doctor reached a long-term cooperative partnership with Boer Technology.

In 1995, Water Doctor undertook household water purification and soft water business.

In 1998, it formed a strong alliance with Water Doctor Purification Technology and a number of well-known institutions in North America, water technology research institutions, North American well-known technology giants Pentair, Watts, Clark and Purifier.

In 2000, Water Doctor won the best patented invention of QCF.

In 2003, Water Doctor successfully developed LES, QRO and UVF patented technologies.

In 2004, Water Doctor Obtained NSF international quality inspection certification

In 2005, I was honored to be a life member of WQA (International Water Quality Association) and an honorary member of CWQA (Canadian Water Quality Association).

In 2006, undertook large-scale industrial, agricultural, commercial, school and office purification and drinking equipment

In 2007, due to the development and merger of Pure Water Quality and Boer Technology, the company was renamed the Canadian Water Doctor Purification Technology!

In the same year, “Water Doctor” was approved to register a trademark.

In 2008, Water Doctor devoted themselves to the research and development of solutions for global water quality problems, and successively launched a series of water purification and soft water treatment equipment. 

In 2009, Water Doctor launched independent research and development and production of large-scale purification equipment.

In 2010, Water Doctor won the top ten purification technology in Canada.

In 2012, Water Doctor won the Canadian Progressive Technology.

In 2013, Water Doctor was committed to smart home research.

2015-2019 was ranked as one of Canada’s top ten environmental purification companies

In 2019, successfully launched Snow Pad, Water Burg, Soft Mate and other smart water purification and soft water

Water Doctor always adheres to his business philosophy: “Being professional because of concentration, being outstanding because of professionalism”. Always committed to product development and terminal promotion services. At present, Water Doctor has successfully developed a variety of household, commercial, industrial, agricultural and other purification products. Such as household intelligent water purifier, energy-saving RO kitchen water purifier, whole house central water softener, integrated intelligent water softener, industrial central UV, commercial central water purifier (WD-BB), agricultural irrigation pre-filter, etc. More than 100 products in the Yuda series; successively helped many Canadian companies and families solve the purification problem, and won a series of word of mouth and praise: Canada’s famous purification technology brand, Canada’s top ten purification technology brands, Canadian energy-saving and environmental protection products.

Water Doctor has endured many difficulties, and he has served more than 2,000 people in scientific research, research and development, technology, sales, installation, and after-sales services every year throughout the year. At the same time, the production and sales records of 100,000 units per year are in the public eye. The company adheres to the “customer satisfaction is the only standard for testing the quality of service” and “Water Doctor Purifies Your Life” as the service concept; Water Doctor will continue to work to improve human water quality problems and deal with the increasingly serious pollution and rapid challenges in the field of water treatment. .

Water Doctor Purification Technology will continue to carry out technological innovation and management innovation, adhere to brand technology and international innovation technology strategy as the development pattern. Early realization of the corporate mission of “Everyone enjoys clean water and advocates a healthy new life”. Looking to the future, Water Doctor Purification has established the strategic development goal of “determined to be the leader in North American purification equipment, the world’s purification technology equipment manufacturing base” and the grand prospect of “the world’s top water treatment brand”.


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