Maybe your tap water doesn’t taste quite right, your dishes have water stains, or you’re concerned about potential contaminants. We can fix that. Let’s get started!



The SoftMate water softeners are developed to efficiently remove calcium and magnesium hardness minerals from the water and provide a cost-effective solution for all hard water problems. Their advanced technology, rugged construction and proven reliability ensure many years of reliable and carefree operation.

Soft-Mate 835A

Features & Specification

      • To supply softened water for a whole house
      • Food-grade resin
      • Automatic operation for running, regeneration and backwash
      • Empty Brine Technology keeps brine clean without salt-bridge
      • One-Touch Control is better looking and more convenient operation
      • Openable Cover for easily checking the salt capacity freely
        • Support forward and reverse flush to enhance its good-efficient and longer using life
        • Large flow capacity realizing
          whole house water treatment for water heater, shower, faucets, washing machine, etc.
        • Cleaner and softer clothes, towels
        • Keeping hair smooth and skin delicate
        • Keeping clear fineness of tableware and sanitary hardware clearer, taste, and oder- free ice cubes.
        • Connector size:1/2″,3/4″,1″
        • Max working pressurre:125 PSL
        • Max sustained temperature:120 ℉/ 50℃

    Soft-Mate 940A

    Features & Specification

        • Designed with filter and softener all in one cabinet
        • Designed with a large flow rate, it can realize whole house water purifications
        • Designed with the double outlet of purified water and softened water (Pretreat water is purified water)
        • Check the salt level at any time by the cabinet transparent window.
        • Touch button design makes the appearance more beautiful and easy operatition.

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