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Maybe your tap water doesn’t taste quite right, your dishes have water stains, or you’re concerned about potential contaminants. We can fix that. Let’s get started!

Soft-Mate Series

The Soft-Mate Series of Water Doctor Fleck valves provide a common solution for a wide variety of filtration and softening applications. Developed on the same platform as the WD valves offer flexibility with a familiar appearance, while reducing carrying costs.

Soft-Mate 835A

Features & Specification

    • To supply softened water for a whole house
    • Food grade resin
    • Automatic operation for running,regeneration and backwash
    • Empty Brine Technology keep brine clean without salt-bridge
    • One-Touch Control is more better looking and more convenient operation
    • Openable Cover for easily checking the salt capacity freely
      • Support forward and reverse flush enhance its good-efficient and more longer using life
      • Large flow capacity realizing whole house water treatment for water heater,shower,faucets,washine machine,etc.
      • Cleaner and softer clothes,towels
      • Keeping hair smooth and skin delicate
      • Keeping clear fineness tableware and sanitary hardware clearer, taste and oder- free ice cubes.
      • Connector size:1/2″,3/4″,1″
      • Max working pressurre:125 PSL
      • Max sustained temperature:120 ℉/ 50℃

Soft-Mate 940A

Features & Specification

  • Designed with filter and softener all in one cabinet
  • Designed with large flow rate, it can realized whole house water purifications
  • Designed with double outlet of purified water and softened water (Pretreat water is purified water)
  • Check the salt level at any time by the cabinet transparent window.
  • Touch buttom design makes the appearance more beautiful and easy operatition .