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Water Doctor Alkaline Water Filter: Inline Antioxidant PH Mineral Restoration – KDF 55 – ORP Negative for Drinking Water Applications: This system can provide drinking water benefits you must first filter and purify your tap or well water. That is why it features the newest internal filtration technology with a built in 11 stage water filtration system

Maybe your tap water doesn’t taste quite right, your dishes have water stains, or you’re concerned about potential contaminants. We can fix that. Let’s get started!


More and more people are starting to realize that Alkaline water filters can produce clean, safe, and healthy drinking water. They help improve pH levels and add such ionized minerals as magnesium, calcium, and sodium, among others. This water system can also improve hydration, reduce the aging process, and even improve the immune system. They are, therefore, a handy unit that should not miss from your home. But before you rush to get one from the flooded market, we advise that you go through our ultimate guideline.

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